Every hunter I know has a strong bond to nature, and the nature experience is at least as important as the hunt itself during which we have a deep perception for the nature around us. During the actual hunt we are fully concentrated on the hunted game and our actions, we don’t pay much attention to nature. With this creation we tried to capture the stillness and relaxation we derive from the hunt. The single shot rifle “Summertime” was inlaid with a special gold alloy in combination with the finest Buttini engraving technique with 10,000 dots per square millimeter under a microscope resulting in breathtaking colors. On this weapon we used a specially developed enamel technique for the first time in the world. 

Finest high power rifle with an action crafted out of the full block material, with special receiver patterns for a very fine and elegant shape. The special design of the action, including changes made in the wall dimensions and pivots resulted in a rifle as small and light as possible. Double under locks lung and toplever bolting system, French set trigger, Peter Hofer special self-cocking system with automatic safety (automatically unlocking after the shot, guaranteeing that the weapon is secured and not cocked).


Octagonal barrel Böhler Superblitz steel, high performance rifle barrel steel = reduction of the total weight, width and height of the whole rifle.

Worldwide novelty:
It is always our ambition to create weapons that are as small and light as possible while taking the requirements of the particular caliber into consideration.

However, a smaller action also brings with it a smaller area for the engraving with it, and so we developed an action without any visible screws. We also redesigned the bottom of the action so that there is no need for an opening for the barrel hook anymore, just so we could have the full area for engraving. The whole action can be engraved all the way around.

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