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Muebles - Muebles colonials -

Estantería de palosanto

Precio: EUR 1953,-
This exclusive campaign style bookcase is made from lustrous 3”solid rosewood boards, no veneers. A lip on the back keeps books in place and numbers are stamped into the front of each shelf like the originals. Very simply constructed and completely sturdy, rosewood tapered shims are tamped through slots in the shelf side pegs for unique assembly. There may possibly be an impecable patch over a knot hole which adds interest and in no way makes them inferior, in fact, it renders them more representational of what the originals would have looked like, since the makers would never have wasted a perfectly unwarped usable 3/4" rosewood board! This spectacular piece will make a gorgeous display for your favorite books, picture frames, artwork, or curios from your travels. Bookcase has 4 shelves and is 54” high, 40” wide to end of shelf pegs, and the shelves are 13 1” high by 9 1” deep. A Lewis Drake and Associates tour de force that will glow in your office or warm up any room in your home. Handsome, sleek, and classic design.

DImensions: 40" wide, 54" tall Shelves: .75" thick, 13.5" apart

Few Left in Stock!
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