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Klassische Waffen - Gewehre -

Rigby, London- Big Game Rifle in .416 Rigby, ca. 1928

Rigby, London, classic magnum Mauser big game rifle in .416 Rigby, ca. 1928. Weight: 9 3/4 lbs. 14 5/8" LOP. Superb early style heavy 25 1/2" barrel with brilliant mint bore. One standing rear sight for 100 yds. and two folding leaves to 200 and 300 yds. Ramp front sight with original hood. Classic square bridge, Oberndorf, magnum mauser action and heavy barrel retain much of the original black finish. Pistol grip stock with steel grip cap retains much of the original finish as well. There are brass inlays on either side of the wrist, joined with a screw, that are apparently later additions. I have examined them and they appear to be period alterations. There is no evidence of any crack or other damage to the stock in this area and given the soundness of the stock I am at a loss to explain why this was done. Otherwise the gun is in near mint original condition showing minimal use and certainly no abuse. This magnificent rifle has an interesting history in that it was originally purchased in 1927 by a Mr. L. J. Rumsey, District Commissioner of the Native Department, in Nyasaland (Malawi) Africa. The rifle was delivered on July 15, 1927 with 200 rounds of ammunition sealed in safari tins. Mr. Rumsey bought the rifle upon his being posted to Nyasaland but, not being a hunter, used the rifle very little if at all. When Nyasaland gained its independence in the 1960's, weapons were a liability so Mr. Rumsey had the rifle exported to Rhodesia where the firm of Benians and Purdey stored it at "a price". Some time later, realizing he had paid out more in storage fees than could be expected from a sale, Mr. Rumsey sold the rifle in 1974 to a professional hunter for the equivalent of 15 months salary. Accompanying the gun at that time were 182 of the original 200 rounds of ammunition. The PH that purchased the rifle took it on one safari in 1982 and there is a fascinating seventeen page narrative of that hunt a copy of which accompanies the rifle and documents its effectiveness on dangerous game. Almost certainly less than 100 rounds have been put through this rifle since new. Overall about the finest original .416 Rigby you will ever have the opportunity to own and literally steeped in African history. Absolutely unique.
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