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Armas clásicas - Rifles -

Holland & Holland- Rare "Royal Hammerless Ejector" Double in .577 N.E., 1921

Holland & Holland, London, rare "Royal Hammerless Ejector" double rifle in .577 N.E., made in 1921. Weight: 13 1/2 lbs. Stock dimensions: 14 1/2"x 1 1/2"x 2 1/2"x 1/4" cast-off. 26" chopper lump steel barrels, proofed for 90gr. cordite and 750gr. bullet, have a single fixed rear sight with ivory inlay and two folding leaves. Ramp front sight with flip-up ivory twilight bead. Action body with double underlugs and hidden third fastener has typical Holland hand detachable sidelocks and extended top tang. Bushed firing pins, ejectors, and articulated front trigger. Highly figured pistol grip stock and splinter forend with Anson button release. This magnificent rifle had seen little use when it was completely refurbished by Holland & Holland several years ago and done to absolute perfection with all sharp edges retained and engraving crisp as if cut yesterday. Stock and forend beautifully refinished with no proud metal whatsoever. Bores are a bit frosted but very accurate and this gun was used to devastating effect on elephant and buffalo shortly after being redone. Comes in a relined and refitted proper period case with Holland trade label and a compliment of accessories. Overall a beautiful example of one of the rarest of rare early big game rifles.
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