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Armas clásicas - Rifles -

Westley Richards- 8-Bore Muzzle Loader Big Game Double, ca. 1850

Precio: EUR 24500,-
Westley Richards, London, extremely rare 8-bore percussion, muzzle loading, big game double rifle, ca.1850. Weight 14 lbs. Stock: 14 3/8" LOP. Superb 27 replacement steel barrels by the incomparable Mike Ehinger of Stedman, NC. Brilliant bores and 100% faux Damascus finish. Single fixed rear sight set to 100 yards. The entire gun has been completely refurbished by Mr. Ehinger. Regulated for a 1390 grain conical bullet and 10 drams Fg black powder, this rifle will shoot consistent 3 groups at 100 yards with a very flat trajectory (2 1/3 high at 50 yards). Muzzle velocity is approximately 1550 ft/sec yielding a muzzle energy about half way between a modern .577 and .600 Nitro Express. This combination of extreme accuracy and stopping power is made possible by a special conical lead bullet formed by swaging the cast bullet through a special die which pre-cuts grooves in the bullet to exactly fit the lands of the rifling yielding a perfect, gas tight, mechanical fit. This concept of mechanically fitting bullets is certainly not new, in fact, the idea and design for the swaging tool was borrowed from the case of an extremely accurate Purdey 16-bore double rifle set made in 1838. At any rate, the result is the ideal muzzle loading rifle for dangerous game and I know of no other muzzle loading rifle extant capable of this level of performance. In addition, it is extremely easy to load quickly in the bush requiring only the dumping of powder in the barrels, thumb starting the bare bullets, and ramming them home. There is no need for wads and patches which add precious time to the loading process as well as worrisome paraphernalia that has to be carried around and fussed with. The rifle comes complete with bullet mould and sizing dies. Absolutely the finest muzzle loading big game rifle you will ever see offered for sale. Take this to Africa and add a whole new dimension to your next safari.
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