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Libros - Caza africana -

Tales of the African Frontier

Hunter, J. A. and Mannix, D.
Precio: EUR 42,-
1999 Long Beach, 308pp, illus.
ISBN: 1-57157-242-2
Encuadernación: Hardcover with dust jacket
The colorful characters of East Africa's early colonial period walk across the pages of this powerful book by John Hunter and Dan Mannix. Meet Tippu Tib, the greatest of all slave traders and the man who owned the slave responsible for killing the elephant with the biggest tusks ever recorded. Read how Ewart Grogan walked from the Cape to Cairo and how Joseph Thompson faced not only the ferocious Masai but also incredible hardships during his explorations into the interior of East Africa. Find out how John Boyes, elephant poacher extraordinaire, declared himself king of the Wa-Kikuyu and how Robert Foran, the notorious Lado Enclave ivory poacher, cheated Belgian and British authorities alike.

Set in a time that is gone but not forgotten, this book captures the essence of East Africa from the 1890s till the 1930s and the single-minded individuals who helped shape it. Never in the history of Africa was so much territory controlled by such a small band of remarkable characters, and all the skullduggery, outrageous behavior, and eccentric personalities have been captured in this excellent biography. Readers should note that this book was published in Great Britain as African Bush Adventures.
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