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Книги - Бараны и горы -

Hunting Trips in the Land of the Dragon

Czech, Kenneth P. (editor)
Anglo and American Sportsmen in Old China, 1870-1940
Price: EUR 49,-
2004 Long Beach, 271pp, photos, illus. by Clive Kay
ISBN: 1-57157-303-8
Binding: Hardcover with dust jacket
Stretching nearly 4,000,000 square miles across eastern Asia, China offers a kaleidoscopic landscape, varying from tropical jungles in the southeast to the windswept plains of Manchuria and Mongolia to the rugged mountain ranges of Tian Shan and Kunlun Shan in the far west. This rich and varied land has been home to a wide variety of wild game. Though Chinese emperors and nobles of bygone dynasties enjoyed sport hunting for tiger, deer, and feathered game, China was rarely recognized for its sporting opportunities until the midnineteenth century. With the steady mercantile encroachment of Europeans, people began to realize what a hunter's paradise China was. It was a land of adventure for those who sought game at the rooftop of the world or on the bottom of the rivers. By the end of the nineteenth century, China had become a popular destination for high-mountain stalking in the Himalayas, the Pamirs, and the Hindu Kush Range. The first part of this anthology takes the reader after duck, pheasant, and other upland game while the second part focuses on the large game of China and the border regions. The latter includes hunts for Manchurian tiger, tufted deer, goral, wild goat, wild yak, antelope, takin, wild sheep in the Mongolian Altai, wapiti, blue sheep, ibex, Ovis poli of the Pamir, wild sheep of the Tian Shan, brown bear, and panda—all written by such famous names as Major General Kinloch, St. George Littledale, Kermit Roosevelt, and Roy Chapman Andrews.

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