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Books - Sheep & Mountains -

Song of the Summits

Yuren, Jesus
Memoirs from the High Country
Price: EUR 105,-
2003 Long Beach, 359pp, 121 b&w photos.
ISBN: 1-57157-178-7
Binding: Hardcover
Limitation: 1st edn, ltd to 1000 signed, numbered, & slipcased copies.
Series: Volume 4 in Safari Press's Hunting in High Altitude Series.
Jesús Yurén's book is a hymn to the great love of his life: mountain hunting. A master of sheep and ibex hunting, Yurén is one of only a handful of men who has hunted in practically all the mountains of the earth, from Alaska and Mexico to China, Mongolia, and Russia. Accumulating a North American Grand Slam as well as a super slam of sheep, he has hunted just about every variety of wild sheep and goat in the world. Starting in 1972 with a desert bighorn, he continued for Rocky Mountain, Dall, and Stone sheep. In Asia he climbed after Marco Polo, Altai, Gansu, Gobi, Littledale, Hume, Karaganda, Tibetian, and other argalis as well as various Asian and European ibex. He also added to his bag of experiences blue sheep, Himalayan tahr, Nubian ibex, and Barbary sheep as well as chamois and Spanish ibex, all of which he hunted in their native habitat. In all he takes the reader along after 22 varieties of sheep, 13 types of ibex, 7 (sub)species of wild goats, and 3 races of markhor. Amusing and humorous as well as exciting and interesting, Yurén's book reveals the tremendous physical strength and great mental fortitude that is required for mountain hunting. Yurén's modesty, jovial spirit, and sense of humor make him a very likable author; his wealth of experience makes him a fascinating one. This is a tale about a life of hunting, where there is always a chance that manana will bring a truly great trophy.

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