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Книги - Вокруг света -

Gentleman Hunter

Byrne, Peter
Retracing Jim Corbett's Hunts for the Great Man-Eating Cats of India and Nepal
Price: EUR 98,-
2006 Long Beach, 245pp, photos
ISBN: 1-57157-225-2
Binding: Hardcover
Limitation: 1st edn, ltd to 1,000 signed, numbered & slipcased copies.
Series: Volume 31 in Safari Press's Classics in Big-Game Hunting Series
This is the story of the extraordinary hunting career of the legendary India-domiciled Irishman, Jim Corbett. In his book Peter Byrne 3retraces Jim Corbett's hunts for the famous man-eating tigers and leopards of India and Nepal, it is written from the perspective of someone who actually lived Corbett's life. Peter Byrne is an ex-professional big-game hunter who lived and hunted man-eaters in the same areas as Corbett did so many years ago and who actually went to the places where Jim Corbett shot his man-eaters. Byrne's intuitive remarks on the man and his hunts offer insights that would be beyond the scope of the average Corbett enthusiast. Illustrated with pictures taken at the sites of Corbett's great hunts in the man-eating tiger country of northern India and western Nepal, the book also includes text and photos from people knew or hunted with Corbett, including relatives of the victims of the man-eaters. Gentleman Hunter is full of stories that illustrate the bravery and valor that exemplified Corbett the man and Corbett the hunter. Byrne imparts to the reader an understanding of the soul and spirit of that intrepid defender of the hill people of northern India and western Nepal.

Not Sold in Bookstores
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