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Vintage Arms - Shotguns -

Fabbri 20ga. O/U 2-barrel set

Price: EUR 55000,-
Fabbri, Brescia. Superb best sidelock ejector 20ga. O/U light weight game gun with two sets of barrels. Weight: 5 lbs. 10oz. with the 26” barrels, and 5 lbs. 15oz. with the 28” barrels. Stock dimensions: 14 Ύ”x 1 1/8”x 2 3/8”x 3/8” cast-off. Original 26” steel barrels with 3” chambers have mint bores each measuring 16mm which corresponds to the original proof diameters. Chokes are .005”/.005” with minimum wall thicknesses of .025”/.024”. There is a very tiny and almost imperceptible dent in the right side of the lower barrel about 6” back from the muzzle. This is such a minor thing and could easily have been overlooked. It will have no effect whatever on patterning or performance but we always feel obliged to point these things out when they come to our attention. The later addition 28” steel barrels have 2 Ύ” chambers, mint bores (16mm), and are choked .011”/.004” with minimum wall thicknesses of .024”/.025”. Best side lock action with ejectors, single non-selective triggers, and automatic safety. Beautiful engraving by Iora, one of Italy’s old masters and certainly one the great artists of the past. Recently restocked and the highly figured straight grip stock with checkered butt and splinter forend are flawlessly checkered and finished. Cased in a contemporary case. Overall a beautiful working gun and a real bargain considering a replacement cost today of well in excess of $120,000.
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