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Книги - DVD & аудио CD -


Price: EUR 41,33
DVD, running time 1 hour, 20 minutes
OK, we admit to being not too crazy about titles such as Death in the Bush and Death All Over the Place. However, we judge the DVD by its content and not its title, and this happens to be an extremely well done DVD. Mark Buchanan with cameraman Chris McClure head for Tanzania to join Bruce Watson, their PH. The safari company is Swanepool & Scandrol, and the safari takes place in the Buganda Concession of Uganda and in the Longido area of Masailand, Tanzania.

The hunters use a 7x57 bolt action and a 375 H&H double with a scope, and the hunt is a typical East African safari. In the Buganda Concession a few Liechtenstein hartebeests get shot, and there is a spectacular shot on a running civet. As the safari progresses, impala, hyena, and a couple of warthogs are bagged. The kill scenes are repeated three times for each animal, which we think is not needed, but this is a matter of taste. A leopard is bagged at a bait, which is filmed by two cameras so that the footage can be viewed from different angles. Mark goes on to shoot several other animals: buffalo, waterbuck, baboon, hippo, topi, and oribi. Of these the waterbuck is a spectacular trophy and the hippo, although shot in the water, yields some interesting footage when the hunters try to retrieve it. Finally, a good maned lion is shot near a bait on a chance encounter. In Masailand, the usual species such as Grant gazelle, dik-dik, lesser kudu, fringe-eared oryx, gerenuk, and wildebeest are potted. We counted 22 kills in all in this DVD.

The days of the one-safari DVD have come to an end. Safari Press does not lists any DVDs for sale that are based on a single, one-person safari with the exception of DVDs made in Tanzania because so much game is on license in that country. As big-game hunting DVDs become more professional and better produced, it will probably mean the end of the one-person, single safari film even when shot in Tanzania, and we will regret its demise. When well done, such as this one, these DVDs offer magnificent insight on how a 21-day safari is actually conducted. By the way, this entire DVD was shot in High Definition, the first big-game hunting film to do so. All footage is crisp and clear, even more so because it is in HD.

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