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Great Hunters- Vol. 6 (L)

Safari Press
Their Trophy Rooms and Collections
Price: EUR 90,-
2011 Long Beach, 202pp, profuse color photos
Binding: 9x12, hardcover, dj

In the course of creating Great Hunters 5, we unearthed so many great additional rooms that it was impossible to accommodate them all in one book. So we were able to proceed with Great Hunters 6 much faster than we had initially thought. As all of our customers know, we do not take mere trophy rooms—we seek out only superlative rooms, wherever they may be found worldwide. Each time we finish a volume in this series, we sincerely believe we will not find another volume of superb rooms, but, incredibly, we do, a real cap in the feather to our research staff. As we have said before, many of these rooms are natural history museums rather than trophy rooms, and indeed quite a few of them are open to the public.

In Great Hunters 6 you will see: Soudy Golabchi’s remodeled mountain of life-size sheep mounts from around the world; Jose Sodiro’s museum-quality trophies from South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and all Oceania; two superb French hunting museums that also represent French culture; Richard Pierce’s trophy room, which is so big it occupies more pages in our book than any room we’ve ever showcased; German hunter Gunter Wulff’s fantastic collection showcased in an Alpine house called the Wulff Jagdmuseum, which can be viewed by the public; and Hungarian hunter Bella Hidvegi’s collection divided by continent in massive rooms. In addition, there is J. Y. Jones’s sheep mountain and full-size mounts (including a polar bear), which are highlights of his rustically inspired trophy rooms. Well-known Mexican hunter Jesus Yuren has built an entirely new home to encompass his extensive trophy collection—he has more sheep alone than could fit into three large rooms. All in all, there is a total of twenty-two rooms featured in this book.

This series is universally regarded by big-game hunters as the best books ever produced on trophy collections, and Great Hunters 6 is our latest and best. We stand by our longstanding promise: We will either publish a superb book with superlative rooms, or we will publish no book at all.
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