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Wind, Dust, and Snow II (Ltd)

Robert Anderson
Hunting Sheep, Markhor, Tur, and Ibex in Asia
Preis: EUR 242,-
2015 Long Beach, approx. 240pp, photos in color and b&w
ISBN: 978-1-57157-419-0
Bindungsart: 10.5x10, hardcover.
Limitierte Auflage: Ltd. edn. of 250 numbered, signed, and slipcased copies
Serien: This is volume 7 in Safari Press’s Classics in Hunting at High Altitudes Series
Robert Anderson knows his sheep and Caprinae and has spent a lifetime gathering modern and historic photos and stories about the world's most coveted game animals. (He, himself, is also a hunter of mountain game.) In this, his second book on Asian mountain game, he has pulled out all stops: The book is filled to the rim with contemporary photos of great argali, urial, mouflon, blue sheep, markhor, tur, and ibex that will make every mountain-game hunter worldwide get an elevated heart rate! Also included are great modern and historical stories about unbelievable hunts that will be the envy of every sheep hunter alive.

Complementing these stories are two detailed historical chapters on Marco Polo sheep hunting and markhor hunting, and conventional thinking is set upon its head. It turns out that immediately after World War II several individuals managed to penetrate the Pamirs in search of the fabled Marco Polo, even though most think that Asian hunting wasn't opened until decades later. Actually, markhors were initially hunted mostly by British army officers during the colonial period of India, but after World War II hunting opportunities continued to shrink to the point where they were practically nonexistent. And then came the very modern era when this great game animal came back from the brink and is now not only found in good and healthy numbers but also is actively, albeit sparingly, hunted. There have been some great markhor trophies lately, which are captured in this book.

A famous sheep hunter once said, "All sheep hunters crazy!" No one is likely to dispute that notion after reading about hunting at altitudes that make breathing a seriously belaboring activity and getting a mature old ram or billie a virtual impossibility because of the steepness of the terrain and the intelligence of the quarry. And yet each year a handful of individuals persists and climbs the highest mountains on earth to seek trophies that are almost impossible to get. The pages of this book reveal a sheep- and goat-hunting paradise for those intrepid enough to scale the rooftop of the world. Magnificent photos and engaging text take you to this place between heaven and earth visited only rarely by any human being.

New! Available Fall 2015
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