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Make Every Shot Count!

J. Scott Olmsted
Get the most out of your hunting rifle under field conditions
Precio: EUR 32,-
2013 Long Beach, 258pp, color photos, illus.
ISBN: 978-1-57157-388-9
Encuadernación: 6x9, hardcover, dj
We all like to think we are pretty good with a rifle in the field. But we all have limits. Of course, most of us can punch holes in the ten-ring off the bench, but conditions on the range differ greatly from real life. And it's not too difficult for most of us to make an 80-yard shot from a solid rest in the field. But when that big mule deer appears at the head of the canyon 250 yards away, when your rifle is buffeted by a monster cross-wind, and when you can't get comfortable, can you make an accurate, killing shot the first time, every time?

Scott Olmsted knows how to shoot and he knows how to hit fast and accurately. As a former Marine rifleman, NRA-certified rifle instructor, graduate of premier shooting schools, and the editor in chief of the NRA's American Hunter magazine, he knows his business . . . as well as being an expert marksman. In Make Every Shot Count!, he leverages all his personal knowledge and that of other experts—former U.S. military Special Forces personnel, veteran shooting-school instructors, big-game guides, and others—to present an authoritative, seasoned approach aimed at making any hunter a better shooter.

In addition to his descriptive writing, color photos depict the critical placement of a rifleman's feet, legs, shoulders, arms, hands, and head for making accurate shots on big game. Besides providing readers with the most effective visual examples of what to do and how to do it, these photos devote special emphasis to how your limbs can create maximum stability and the steadiest shooting platform for any shot.

The book is divided into four parts. (1) Before the Shot includes picking a rifle, sighting system, and bullet and making sure the entire package is ready for the hunt. (2) On the Range discusses how to establish zero, mount a rifle, snap into field positions, use natural and artificial rests, apply the principles of marksmanship, and fire meaningful shots. (3) In the Field puts all the information together—the principles of marksmanship, rifle carriage, scanning and assessing the field, efficient deployment of your rifle, and what to do after the shot. (4) References Every Hunter Needs deals with shot placement guides, trajectory tables, advice on shooting schools and private instruction, and an index.

All the aspects of shooting a rifle quickly and accurately, under real-life hunting conditions, are covered in this well-researched and illustrated book that is sure to make all hunters better shooters.
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