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A Sporting Life

Martinez de Hoz, Jose A.
Most books about big-game hunting are written by or are about famous hunters, ...


ChilversLubin, Brooke, (editor)
The IPHA was formed in 1969 to promote ethical hunting among clients and ...

The Lost Classics of Robert Ruark

Robert Ruark
These are the magazine stories that Ruark wrote in the 1950s and 1960s, ...

Around the World and Then Some

David Hanlin (with Bill Quimby)
To do something right in life, you need a good foundation. For David Hanlin ...

Legends of the Hunt—Campfire Tales

John Seerely-Lester
Seerey-Lester's first book, Legends of the Hunt, featured a stunning gallery ...

Another Rifle, Another Land

Dr. J. Y. Jones
J. Y. Jones’s first book, One Man, One Rifle, One Land, was a book of note, ...

Unquenchable Spirit

Rob Shatzko
Shatzko has had his share excitement while hunting. The following is a ...


Rupert Godfrey
It is fair to state that the world of hunting has brought forth its share ...

My Main Obsession (Ltd)

Ricardo Guardia Vázquez
New! Ricardo Guardia Vázquez has hunted around the world and in some fascinating ...

Hunting on Three Continents with Jack O'Connor (L)

Jack O'Connor
New! John Woolf O’Connor is considered by many to be America’s all-time ...
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