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Price: EUR 1015,-
Our Ross chair is a replica of a “knock down” chair originally made by Ross & Co., Camp Furniture Manufacturers of Dublin, one of the most highly respected military furniture makers in their field. Granted patents for their superior camp furniture in the mid 1800’s they were the favorite manufacturer of the Victorian Army. Our version is created from rich rosewood and genuine buffalo hide rendering this chair as perfect for an outdoor camp as the originals. Beautifully turned legs and gently curved arms evoke a sophisticated grace. The back is brass tacked and the bottom of the seat is laced. The parts are stamped with numbers, like the original, to aid frame assembly. The legs screw into place and the sides are secured to the back with 2 brass nuts. Extremely simple to construct without any tools and can be stored or transported in its own carrying case. Each chair is truly a handmade work of art; durable, classy, intended to accompany you on a safari, yet just as at home in your trophy room, den, or office. Initially designed to marvelously meld comfort with versatility and elegance, our Ross chair epitomizes the campaign era. Available in chocolate brown, tan, or burgundy. (Third photo in above series of original Ross & Co. chair: Courtesy of Nicholas Brawer.)
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