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Real Estate
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Ïîìîùü & FAQ

Häufig gestellte Fragen



How do I find a product?

A. Choose a category from the menu on the left. There are ten items per page.

B. You can also search for a product (bottom left). Enter a key word, choose a category to be searched or search all categories and click on ‘search’.
You can also enter just part of a word e.g. if you enter “will”, the results will also show “William Smith”. If you enter more than one word, only results including the whole phrase will show up e.g. a search for “William Smith” will only show products where the whole phrase “William Smith” is in the description.

Ten results per page are listed.


Are there several pictures of each product?

Most of the products have a link ‘more photos”, or you can click on the picture directly to get to the picture gallery.

In the gallery you can navigate with “previous picture/next picture”. You can also click on the picture, the next picture will appear automatically. If there are no more pictures available you will be directed back to the product description.

If a high resolution photo is available, it can be opened or downloaded to your computer by clicking on the link on top of the picture (it will open in a separate window).


How do I purchase an item?

1. Select an item and click on ‘Into the shopping cart’. You can put as many items as you wish into the shopping cart.

2. Click on “Order now”. Fill out the form and click on “next”. You can review the contents of your shopping cart and the form.

3. Click on ‘Order now’. You will receive an email confirming your order. We will then contact you with further details and information on your purchase (availability, delivery costs, insurance, conditions of payment).


How do I purchase an item when no price is listed?

Click on ‘Request details’ next to the picture of the item. Give us your email address or telephone number so we can inform you about the availability and price of the item in question.


Can I change the number of items I want to order?

Should you want to order more than one unit of a certain item, just click on the amount (1) and enter the desired amount.

However, many of our offerings are unique, one of a kind products. We will inform you whether the amount you desire is available.


How can I remove a product from the shopping cart?

Click on the ‘X’ on the lower right side of the article to remove from the shopping cart.


Does the price include the sales tax (VAT)?

No, by deliveries in EU countries the Austrian sales tax (generally 20%) must be added to the price.

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