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Elephant Bells

Price: EUR 259,-
Sold out
Cast in solid bronze these rare and extraordinary bells were hung from both sides of an elephant to alert passers-by to take heed on the crowded narrow paths in India. These are not replicas but originals so difficult to find we only have a handful to offer, and sizes vary slightly. They were mostly made in a few small towns of the United Provinces (present day Uttar Pradesh.) These beauties we found in Jalesar, one of the small towns where they specialized in the production of all such metal adornments of cattle, horses, elephants, and camels. The style of these bells has not changed since the 17th century as can be seen on Mughal paintings from that period. A weighty piece, a little bigger than a grapefruit, with a surprisingly splendid sound, it would be perfect for someone who collects antiques, bells, or musical instruments. Whether you use it on your desk as a paper weight, a bookend, or set it on your mantle or coffee table it makes a fantastic conversation piece, and you can bet no one will guess it's origin.
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