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Libros - Caza africana -

Elephant Hunters of Lado

Foran, W. Robert
Precio: EUR 56,-
2006 Long Beach, 312pp, photos
ISBN: 1-57157-228-7
The Lado Enclave always was a wild, lawless area but became even more so after the death of King Leopold of Belgium. Because of a strange agreement between the British and Belgian colonial authorities, this remote corner of Africa was for a time actually a no-man's land without law or rules. Adventurers, ivory hunters, fortune seekers, and others flocked to the Lado Enclave to take advantage of the ivory and the lack of authority. Despite the fame and notoriety of the area, only very few people who witnessed the greatest elephant-hunting era of all time actually wrote about it. Quite likely it was so because few did much to be proud of, fewer still made any money at it, and quite a few did not return alive. Robert Foran was an exception. He not only survived the Lado, but he also actually thrived, so much so that both the British and the Belgian authorities wanted him for poaching and smuggling ivory.

Foran wrote this book of his experiences some fifty years ago, but it was published only in 1981 in one limited edition. This new reprint describes all of Foran's daring deeds as well as stories about his colleagues of note—Foran's fellow poachers. Now, back in print once again is the elephant-hunting classic that tells one of the most fascinating stories of all time.

Not Sold in Bookstores
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