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Классические ружья - Дробовики -

Purdey, Лондон; редкое ружье Over/Under калибра 28, оригинальный сменный ствол калибра .410, гравировка работы Стефана Келли.

Sold out
James Purdey, London, extraordinarily rare best 28ga. self-opening sidelock O/U with factory original extra set of .410ga. Barrels, the set ca. 1992. Weight 5 lbs. 8 oz. with 28ga. barrels. Stock dimensions: 14 5/8"x 1 1/4"x 2 1/4"x 1/8" cast-off. The 28ga. barrels are 25 1/2" long with original 2 3/4" chambers and mint bores (.550"/.551"), choked Imp/Mod (.013"/.023"). The .410ga. barrels are 25 1/2" in length with 3" chambers and mint bores also choked Imp/Mod. Sidelock action with single trigger, ejectors, auto safety, and bushed firing pins. Beautiful specially ordered custom engraving by Stephen Kelly. Exhibition grade straight grip butt stock with engraved heel and toe clips. Superb custom black ostrich leather covered oak case by Vince Rickards of England. Custom, hand made, ivory handled accessories by Stephen Alexander of Lewis Drake and Associates, USA. All the brass accessories along with all tool ferrules are engraved to match the gun and gold plated. Gun and accessories are all individually French fitted to the case interior by the case maker. There is, in addition, a matching black ostrich leather outer cover to match. The cost of the case and accoutrements alone was approximately $25,000. This magnificent set remains in absolutely mint condition throughout and is accompanied by much of the original correspondence between the owner and the other principals involved in creating this remarkable, one-of-a-kind, ensemble. The documentation includes a letter from Purdey's stating that they only made a total of six or seven of these small bore two barrel sets none of which would have been so elegantly presented. Priced well below replacement cost.
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