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Libros - DVD y CD Audio -


Precio: EUR 35,-
DVD, running time 1 hour, 46 minutes
Currently, all of the Briar Lakes DVDs made in Tanzania are called Tanzania Adventure with a subtitle added, but do not let that distract. Just pay attention to the subtitles! As before with BL Productions, we follow multiple safaris with different hunters in the field to give us a good, fast-paced film with action: There are eighteen, on-camera hunts in this DVD. Before the film starts, there is a commercial for an optics company that is hardly worth mentioning, but we make it a habit to alert readers about commercials in movies.

The film begins on the plains with the hunting of various game species such as Grant gazelle, zebra, white-bearded wildebeest, impala, Thomson gazelle, and gerenuk.

The parties then ascend to higher elevations to hunt on one of the numerous mountains of Masailand. Climbing up a mountain is always a challenge, and Jack Brittingham tries to bag a klipspringer with a bow but has no luck. (This is the only bow hunt in this movie.) On their way down, the hunters meet some locals, and it is interesting to see how local tribesman are unable to pull back the string on a compound bow no matter how hard they try.

Next huntress Amy Martin shoots a fantastic old Cape buffalo with a great head using an open-sight bolt action. On a hunt with Jim Tarply another nice, old, heavily bossed bull is shot on the mountain. But there is more on that mountain than large old buffalo; there are also huge East African (Patterson) eland. Unlike a hunt on the plains, at these elevations you stalk big antelope almost like you would an elk in the Rockies.

A huge leopard is stealing goats from a local village, and the hunters are asked to eliminate it. They make a blind and bag the leopard in the dark, which turns out to be a monster of a trophy. The Masai village is glad to say thank you to the hunter and his PH for getting rid the cattle lifter.

Note: all DVDs sold by Safari Press are for the worldwide standard and will play on any DVD player in the world.
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