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Dallas, Donald
Scotland’s Gun & Rifle Manufacturer
Price: EUR 87,92
2011 London, 232pp, color photos
ISBN: 978-1-84689-100-7
Binding: Trim Size: 8 x 11, Hardcover with dust jacket
New! Available Fall 2011

David McKay Brown was born in 1941 in Bellshill, Glasgow. His father, a keen poacher, imbued in David an early enthusiasm for guns and shooting. By his early teenage years, he owned a varied collection of guns, and shortly after leaving school, he began a gunmaking apprenticeship with Alex Martin of Glasgow. Martin amalgamated with John Dickson in 1960, and David soon became very familiar with their round action.

In 1967, he set up his own business, initially repairing guns. He was very impressed with the merits of the round action and in 1974 built the first McKay Brown trigger-plate round action. In the 1980s he designed a round action over-and-under gun, and the first such gun, completed in 1992, was much admired for its design and elegance.

Since 1974 he has built 578 round-action guns and rifles, both in side-by-side and O/U configuration. All are of the best quality, and, remarkably, all his guns are built entirely in his own workshop. David himself is a rare breed amongst gunmakers, for he is able to work in every stage in the manufacture of his guns.

This book details David McKay Brown’s history from his boyhood years right through to the present. The history and development of the round action and the new O/U gun are described in detail for the first time. There are several chapters that go into great detail about the construction of his guns. Several appendixes are included that list all the McKay Brown guns made and the numbers built of each particular type of gun, sure to be of great interest to McKay Brown owners. This book was produced with the full cooperation of the firm.
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