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Thummler, Hubert (with Bill Quimby)
The Shikars and Safaris of a Cazador de México
Precio: EUR 72,35
2006 Long Beach, 333pp, color and b&w photos
ISBN: 1-57157-235-X
Encuadernación: Trim Size: 8 x 11
“A great hunter is not one who has taken the best trophy or traveled the farthest to hunt. A great hunter is not one who has paid more or collected the largest number of game animals. For me a great hunter is one who has the passion to pursue game in fair chase and enjoy the hunt no matter what the outcome. Hubert Thummler is, indeed, a great hunter.” (From the foreword by Nicolas Franco.) Thummler is not only a passionate hunter but also one who has traveled far for the trophies in his extraordinary big-game collection. He started hunting in Africa at the end of the “Golden Age” and was lucky enough to have packed in numerous safaris when the Big Five were still available in one hunt. In addition, he has hunted all the spiral horned antelope, with some being fantastic trophies. He has taken 325 record-book trophies (including several world records) from more than forty countries on six continents. Wind in My Face is the story of this great hunter’s lifetime search for big-game trophies around the world. In one story Thummler pursues that mythical mountain king, the markhor, a challenging animal to hunt, and he describes the Chitral area where he saw about one hundred of these animals feeding on new spring leaves on top of oak trees! This story ends with Hubert taking a markhor with a running shot and having the “great fortune that the only tree on a nearly treeless hillside kept the markhor from sliding at least 600 yards and into the river.” Then came the extraordinary story of Thummler sighting, at 150 yards, a snow leopard feeding on a dead markhor. He has shot every single category of sheep listed in the SCI record book and has the honor of having shot more varieties of sheep than any other hunter ever. In the world of big-game hunting there have been a lot of extraordinary individuals, but this Weatherby award winner surely ranks as one of the great hunters of the twentieth century. This is the story of Thummler’s remarkable hunting career.
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