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Книги - DVD & аудио CD -


Wilderness Hunting in Tanzania
Price: EUR 30,98
DVD, 61 minutes
Customers of Safari Press know we watch all the hunting DVDs we sell. We watch the entire production before giving an in-depth overview of it or making critical comments on it. This means we look at quite a number of hunting movies, and after a while one gets jaded. We reject, roughly, four out of five movies, so our criteria are high. The bad ones definitely get tossed!

It is rare for us to watch a movie twice, but that is exactly what we did with this production by Rainer Josch and his tracker Lorinyu. This film really deserves to be classified as a documentary—it’s that good. Our one caveat is: If you want a large amount of dead animals, this film is not for you. However, if you want to see huge buffalo trophies stalked on foot in difficult terrain, you’ll love this DVD. It was filmed mostly around Mount Loosimingor in northern Tanzania, and Josch (who narrates the whole movie himself) is the guide on three fantastic buffalo hunts that make you realize that the adventure is still in hunting if you want to seek it out. In addition, the producer has set a price of $29.95, which is well below most current retail prices of quality hunting DVDs.

For the first episode a small crew and client Peter Leffe hike into the mountains and set up a camp—similar to what you would find if you were hunting sheep. There they stalk through thick vegetation to confront buffalo at spear-throwing distances. Peter confronts a HUGE bull buffalo (no measurements are given, but it’s at least 47-48 inches), which he tries to take with his double rifle. The first stalk fails, and we do not want to spoil the movie, so you need to see the film to find out what happens. Next a German client comes in, and Josch and the client stalk a bull in thick vegetation and wound it. The follow-up begins and excitement mounts. The final hunt is by Josch himself who tries for a very old bull with a double rifle and open sights. He has seen this bull often, but he knows his chances of bagging it are not good. In addition, you’ll see the mountains hold a rich and diverse scale of wildlife including elephant, lion, and leopard.

Why is this movie so outstanding? The quality of the footage and the editing and professional narrative all make it a super product. This is real hunting—the way it should be. There are no lazy hunters driving around in Toyotas and stalking for a few hundred yards. The PH is totally committed to shooting only those old bulls that have been thrown out of the breeding herds and are now solitary or in a very small group; consequently, the trophies are HUGE. Filmed over an entire hunting season, this movie is worthy of the Discovery Channel should the officials there care to show a hunting movie! On our rating scale—from one to ten—we feel this one is a 9.5, the highest rating we have ever given. Buy it; you won’t be disappointed!

This movie comes in a choice of languages that you must select when starting the movie; the narration is done in English, Danish, French, Spanish, or German. The buyer should know, however, that the section with the German client has subtitles in English (about 5 percent of the total narration).

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