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Libros - Mundialmente -

Great Hunters- Vol. 7 (L)

Safari Press
Their Trophy Rooms and Collections
Precio: EUR 90,-
2013 Long Beach, approx 180pp, color photos
ISBN: 978-1-57157-428-2
Encuadernación: 9x12, hardcover, dj
The modern era of the trophy room, as depicted in this 7th volume in the Great Hunters series, has brought us a cornucopia of rooms that are sometimes overwhelming to the senses. What do you make, for example, of the collection of Dick and Mary Cabela, which includes a pool and a library as well as acres of re-created habitat filled with life-size mounted animals? The collection takes up the entire house, which is more like a hotel than a private home.

As has been the case from the start of this series, we highlight only interesting, tasteful, superlative trophy rooms. Each time we complete a volume we think there are no more rooms to discover, but every time we find more, and many even greater than the last.

As before, we have rooms from all over the world: Canada, Europe, and the USA. Besides private collections, we have managed to find several European hunting museum collections, two of which are housed in ancient buildings in France and showcase the rich hunting traditions of the French and their vast colonial possessions in Asia and Africa. Then there is an Alpine house in Germany that features the collection of Günter Wulff, which was converted to a museum upon his death.

The room of George D’Aoust has a life-size giraffe as well as numerous dioramas of gamefish as well as a few hundred life-size mammals. The collection of Texan Mike Simpson, a Weatherby Award Winner, was moved to a new location and completely redone with hardwood floors and natural stone as well as very interesting guest bedrooms. Another hunter, Doug Stromberg, has a great many mounts and an entire skeleton of a brown bear, which makes for a very interesting change of scenery. The room of Mark Dickson is serene with wooden floors and wood paneling and features a delightful collection of decoys as well as big-game trophies and a very well appointed wine cellar next door. (We are waiting to be invited!) You will not be disappointed in this volume, which, like its predecessors, features some of the best trophy collections in the world.
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