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Книги - DVD & аудио CD -

The Essence of Elephant Hunting

Price: EUR 55,-
DVD, running time 2 hours, 15 mins
Buzz Charlton and Myles McCallum made two videos on elephants in Zimbabwe in the past and we liked them. Still, with so many elephant hunting films on the market today, we tend toward being skeptical as new ones are released. Too many of them are the same old, same old. However, this DVD takes a much different tack from the standard “stalk, shoot, stand and grin by your trophy” approach. The film covers Zimbabwean elephant hunting only, and it clearly shows the difference between elephant hunting in northwestern Zimbabwe in the Wankie Park and Victoria Falls region versus the Zambezi Valley area near Lake Kariba. The difference in terrain, trophies to be expected, tracking, vegetation, and difficulty of the hunting are clearly laid out, and if you intend to hunt elephants in Zimbabwe you would do yourself a great favor by watching this. This is not “an elephant is dead every 10 minutes” movie, and is better for it. Besides a thorough comparison between the two regions, we are shown a number of bull elephant hunts in both. For those who want thrills, one solid section is on cow charges and here we see some of the most in-your-face, nasty elephant cow attacks you will see on any current DVD. Narrator Buzz Charlton points out during these incidents some interesting lessons that we would do well to remember when hunting aggressive elephants: don’t use high magnification scopes; make sure your handloads function in your rifle; and if you shoot an elephant from five yards or less and you only have a bolt action, you will wish for a double! It’s good stuff--highly entertaining and dead serious at the same time, it will keep you on the edge of the couch. Overall we rate it an 8 out of 10. Well recommended.
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