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Historic Rifles

The Long Journey Home
Precio: EUR 55,-
DVD, running time 1 hour and 30 mins.
This DVD first discusses the history of hunting in Africa with modern firearms, and then Bill Jones, one of the largest collectors of "famous rifles," actually takes them back to Africa to shoot and hunt with them.

Since the late nineteenth century some very famous people have carried weapons made by the best makers on earth in search of adventure, sport, ivory, and trophies. With the age of the Internet came the ability to efficiently research what guns the likes of Hemingway, Selous, Keith, and others carried when hunting on the African continent, and this DVD is the result.

On the DVD we learn the history of Ernest Hemingway's .577 double made by Westley Richards, a gun actually made for a British sportsman who probably never used it because he was killed in Flanders during World War I. Much later Hemingway got the gun from a friend, and he and the friend tried to use it to "hunt" German submarines off the East Coast of the United States during WW II. Later Ernst Hemingway took the gun to Africa on his last safari.

We will see how one of Elmer Keith's .470 doubles was discovered in a vault in Germany, a gun, surprisingly enough, that was almost unknown to the gun world.

Then we get an interesting tidbit about the rifles belonging to Frederick Selous, the greatest African hunter of all. He owned several John Farquharson's falling blocks, single-shot rifles, and Selous shot one of them to the point that the stock needed steel-plate reinforcements.

Next comes a very exotic firearm used by the maharaja of Surguja. This is a very interesting double rifle for tigers in .416 Rigby-the only double in this caliber ever made by the original Rigby Company. The maharaja shot somewhere north of 1,500 tigers with it, to the point that he wore out the barrels!

Finally, we learn of the .500 Jeffery with a Magnum Mauser action owned by C. Fletcher Jamieson, one of only twenty-four such rifles built by the Jeffery Rifle Company. Jamieson was a longtime friend of John "Pondoro" Taylor, and it was Jamieson who supplied many of the photos for Taylor's books.

All these guns are presented on the DVD and interesting historical details and photos are given. Then Bill Jones takes these amazing rifles back to Africa to shoot elephants, buffaloes, leopards, and plains game over several safaris. The elephant hunts take place in Botswana and Zimbabwe; the buffalo hunts are filmed in Zimbabwe and Mozambique; and the leopard hunt is recorded in the Zambezi Valley. This fascinating hunting DVD takes a completely different approach than most-one that is more like watching a history channel documentary than a pure hunting movie.
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