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Книги - Спорттовары -

The Weatherby (Ltd)

Nancy Vokins
Stories from the Premier Big-Game Hunters of the World, 1956-2002
Price: EUR 277,-
2004 Long Beach, 434pp, profuse color and b&w photos
ISBN: 978-1-57157-189-2
Binding: 8.5x11, hardcover
Limitation: 1st edn, ltd to 1,000 signed, numbered, & slipcased copies
Series: Volume 27 in Safari Press's Classics in Big-Game Hunting Series
For more than fifty years, the Weatherby Award has been known as the Oscar of the hunting world in recognition of the achievements of the world’s greatest hunters. From Herb Klein's first award in 1956 to Rex Baker's award in 2002, all the award winners to date have been included. The editor spent countless hours unearthing the best hunting stories from each of the Weatherby winners, so there are some hold-onto-the-edge-of-your-seat adventures described—tales of hunting on six continents for stunning trophies under the most difficult (and sometimes very amusing) conditions. The stories, many never before published, are by names you will recognize: Jack O’Connor (1957 recipient), Warren Page (1958), Prince Abdorreza of Iran (1962), Dr. Frank Hibben (1964), C. J. McElroy (1969), James Mellon (1972), Rudolf Sand (1976), Valentin de Madariaga (1977), Arthur Carlsberg (1978 posthumous recipient as he fell off a mountain while sheep hunting in Asia right before he was to receive his award), Watson Yoshimoto (1980), Jesus Yuren (1995), and so on. Here is your chance to read how Mellon pursued a giant markhor in Afghanistan with dogged determination; how Carlo Caldesi shot a gaur that gets singed in a brush fire; how Prince Abdorreza searched for a world-record Persian ibex; how Frank Hibben stalked an immense tiger, but ended up with the largest leopard ever taken in his time; how Thorton Snider (1985) found an elephant with monster tusks; how Rudolf Sand pursued an impossible-to-get mountain nyala; and what happened on C. J. McElroy's, founder of SCI, last safari in Africa. A grand total of forty-six interesting stories and biographies, a historical introduction as to how the Weatherby originated, hundreds of fascinating photographs, and statistical information and background on the award are included. This limited edition has been signed by no less than sixteen living Weatherby winners, a unique feat in book publishing and sure to make this book a superb collector's item in years to come.
Not Sold in Bookstores
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