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Armas clásicas - Rifles -

Purdey, London- Lord Foley's 16-Bore Double Rifle, 1847

Precio: EUR 25000,-
James Purdey, London, best 16-bore double rifle made in 1847 for Lord Foley. Wt. 8 Ibs. LOP 14 1/2". 29" Damascus barrels retain 95% original brown finish and bores absolutely mint and mirror bright. Locks and false breech retain 100% original hardening color and are absolutely mint inside and out. Trigger guard and rear ramrod pipe retain 90% of the original brilliant black finish and patch box lid retains 100% original hardening color. Highly figured walnut stock with a few handling marks otherwise has 100% of the original finish. Cased in original makers case with all original accessories including the only known copy of a handwritten note from the maker describing the use of a tiny funnel to screw in place of a nipple in order to introduce powder behind a ball accidently rammed home before a powder charge. After using the funnel to add powder to the chamber it was removed and replaced with the nipple allowing the ball to be discharged with a percussion cap. These small funnels are also a great rarity and the case contains one in addition to a complete complement of original accessories some of which bear the Foley Crest. The Purdey 16-bore rifles were world renowned for their accuracy to to which I can readily attest as I have hunted with one almost exclusively for 20 years and, in addition to deer, I have harvested 6 or 7 bear never requiring more than a single shot. Overall a superb set and unlikely you will never see an example in finer condition.
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