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Armas clásicas - Rifles -

John Dubiel, Ardmore, OK- Rare 2 Barrel Set Mauser Action Rifle

John Dubiel, Ardmore, OK, extremely rare pre-war era custom two barrel set Mauser action sporting rifle, in .276 Dubiel and .300 H&H Magnum. Weight 9 1/2 lbs. 13 3/4" LOP. Superb 24 1/2" barrels are beautifully tapered being round at the chamber changing to octagon for about 1/2 their length then round to the muzzle with an integrally machined quarter rib sloping to flat then rising to a ramp at the muzzle. Three folding leaf rear sights. The first barrel by John Dubiel was originally in .276 Dubiel and was rechambered and bored by Griffin & Howe to .300 H&H Magnum. Griffin & Howe then made a second barrel chambered and bored in .276 Dubiel to match the original barrel in every way. This work by G&H was most likely done in the 1940's or 50's , possibly earlier. Both bores are absolutely mint. Buttery smooth, jeweled and engraved, Mauser action fitted with case hardened Neidner quick detachable scope mount with Lyman, 2 1/2 x, "Alaskan" scope. The receiver is also fitted with a Lyman 48 rear sight. Beautifully finished walnut stock has checkered and engraved steel butt plate with a trap door compartment to store the Lyman 48 sight. Floor plate is engraved and the pistol grip cap is compartmented. The action still retains the original Mauser safety but has an additional handy button safety in the rear of the trigger guard this apparently being a typical ( though by no means easily accomplished) John Dubiel feature. Overall of absolutely peerless quality and in fine condition throughout with absolutely mint bores in each barrel and a real tack driver. Comes with the original .276 Dubiel reloading dies and some original .276 ammunition. A true American classic.

According to F. C. Ness in his excellent "Practical Dope on the Big Bores", Stackpole and Heck, 1948, the .276 Dubiel ballistics were excellent with a muzzle energy of 3200 ft-lbs. at a velocity of 3000 ft./sec and detailed reloading data are provided by Ness. This magnificent rifle appeared on a recent cover of the excellent publication, "Precision Shooting" (subscriptions contact www.precisionshooting.com or phone 860-645-8776) and a copy of that magazine accompanies the rifle.
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