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Hunting in Western Zambia, Kafue Flats and the Bangwelu Swamps
Price: EUR 41,33
DVD, running time 2 hours 40 min
As most of our customers know, we critically review all DVDs before we offer them for sale, hence you only see a few dozen DVDs on our web site and catalog. If they do not score 7 or better out of 10 on our internal grading scale we do not list them, and the vast majority do not.

Inevitably this process is subjective. With this video we had a few objections that have nothing to do with the actual hunting footage: We do not like the pulsating techno-pop music at the beginning, there are too many trailers, and there is too much shooting in them.

Overall, though, we thought this was a well-crafted hunting movie, and since we have not seen a DVD on Zambia in a while, it is a nice change. All of it is shot in HD. It starts with hunts for plains game such as Lichtenstein hartebeest, warthog, zebra, puku, kudu, and sable. There are several leopard hunts and the host, Mark Buchanan, takes a chance by passing up a very nice 140-pound tom. Mark’s leopard hunts are filmed with two cameras so the viewer can see the leopard come to the bait from one angle and at the same time see the view the hunters have from the blind—very well done. Mark hunts a lion, too, and a very nice lion comes to the bait one evening but it is too late to shoot. After building another blind, the hunters get another chance; you will have to see the movie to see how that ends.

The entire film was made over a 28-day safari and follows Mark as well as Greg and Dale Jacobs around as they hunt in various locations. They shoot two leopards, one lion, and a whacking good sable. The DVD follows the hunters as they hunt in different areas, which keeps the pace and action fast, but not jarring. Short charter plane flights take the hunters to the Blue Lagoon for Kafue lechwe and then to the Bangwelu Swamp for a tsessebe and - sitatunga as well as a couple of black lechwe.

Never mind the long trailers and annoying intro music (it disappears once the movie starts); this is a good, well- crafted DVD that shows a lot of action in one of Africa’s last great free-ranging hunting grounds. It is worth it!
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