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Artistic creations

Doesn't luxury sound like too much?

In the view of moralists, the word has negative connotations. But one shouldn't overlook the context. Often,criticism of a luxurious lifestyle was seen as a way to keep the population from aspiring to luxury. The 'God-given' hierarchy of society was to be upheld. Transgressions across class lines resulted in disorder, even revolution.

Laws governing access to luxury goods and restrictions on clothing were meant to hinder that. So, not everyone was allowed everything, not even if they could afford it-
But whoever was on top, had to show it!

Luxury and glory were part of the manifestation of power, that is no different nowadays. Gold and silver are the oldest symbols of power. Insignias of power and other accessories were often made of these materials.

The privilege to hunt was also restricted to the nobility, so it's no wonder that magnificent handcrafted weapons were also always a coveted possession of the ruling classes.

The time-consuming construction of a handcrafted hunting weapon according to the future owner's own specifications, called for a worthy artistic composition of the whole weapon.

With exclusively handcrafted weapons, the technical diversity has almost no limits, but when it comes to the artistic composition, there are no boundaries whatsoever.

A weapon handcrafted by Peter Hofer is an expression of prosperity, but it is also a steadily increasing investment. To increase the value of the investment, the work put into the total weapon (technical singularity and artistic execution) should be maximized.

That's why the value of a handcrafted weapon is a function of the time invested to make it, as the cost of labor rises inexorably. Not to mention the value appreciation because of the collector value.

Every era needed patrons of the arts to produce beautiful masterpieces. We have their unique taste and desires to thank for all the wonderful works of art which were made especially for them and are now gathered in museums or private collections today.
For the most part, these works are irreplaceable, because the craft and talent often died out with the artist. In any case, even if it were reproduceable, much of it would be priceless nowadays.

With today, and a little of tomorrow, leave something valuable for the day after tomorrow.

At Peter Hofer's workshop, beauty is born of ingenuity, craftsmanship and the will for perfection.

During the technical construction phase, we have the calm atmosphere necessary for the free flow of artistic creativity and then the concept for the artistic engraving of the unique Peter Hofer hunting weapon is manifested.

Sketches are drawn up and presented to the future proud owner of the Peter Hofer hunting weapon to accord with the customer's wishes.

The selected design is then engraved over months and sometimes even years with the utmost artistic skill onto the hunting weapon.

Whether the engraving style is three dimensional relief, Bulino or Bottini - Peter Hofer is uncompromising when it comes to the crafting of his weapons.
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