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Peter Hofer
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"500-year tradition of gunsmith craft in Ferlach, innumerable hunting weapons crafted over the centuries - the basis of our experience."


The seed for every new weapon model is sown in perfection and technical ingenuity, where the design and mechanics of the weapon are conceived and developed. A 500-year-old craftsman tradition is the foundation of our skill and know-how; it is the basis for the development of new and innovative weapon models.

Every single weapon out of Peter Hofer's workshop is the proud result of this unbroken tradition. Peter Hofer continues adding to this tradition with a high measure of innovation and new technical developments.

Looking back on a 500-year-old history, a lifetime is a mere blink, but for future generations, Peter Hofer will have become a part of that tradition.
Peter Hofer devotes his time to those aesthetes and collectors of fine weapons, who can appreciate the unique ideas and design, the unparalleled technical and artistic quality of a Peter Hofer hunting weapon.

With his great variety of technical innovations, Peter Hofer offers the most individual and perfect solution for any hunter ordering his personal hunting weapon, whether he is a pragmatic or a real enthusiast and dreamer.

At Peter Hofer's, beauty is created beyond the unusual and starts where conventions end.

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