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Fly a jet!

Fly a military jet! Experience TOP GUN yourself! - Fasten your seat belt and take off!

You will feel the vibration of the engine and while you are pressed into your seat your jet will climb steeply up into the sky. Experience and enjoy this adventure!

Jet Pilot training with jet plane
Aero L39 Albatros in Germany – Bitburg

The Aero L-39 Albatros is a training plane with jet power engine of the Czech air force and was developed as follower for the “L-29-Delphin”.

• Duration of the event: a half up to one whole day
• Requirements for participation: good health condition
• Free participation of a companion at the event (excepting flying)
• Type of flight (manoeuvre) according to your wishes
• Airport of departure: Bitburg. Imaginable would also be every other airport with a runway of a minimum of 1.5 km. However you have to accept the costs for the transportation flight. Near international airport is Luxembourg
• Dates are flexible, but dependent on the weather

Morning - airplane explanation
Afternoon - flight (equipment - pilot's overall, helmet will be available)

Flying time: 20 - 30 min.
Prices on request!

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