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The variety of firearms created by Peter Hofer is quite unique

First off, there are 300 different calibers in over 25 different barrel arrangements, in some 10 different weapon systems. In addition Peter Hofer delivers trigger systems in a variety of safety configurations and with a variety of trigger mechanisms. He constructs take down shotguns, breach loaded rifles, double barreled rifles from caliber 22 Hornet to caliber 700NE: Triple-barreled pieces (so-called drillings), vierlings or quad-barreled units and yes, even five barrelled combinations. Over & under and side by side shotguns; as pairs of set of shotguns, just as are fixed barrel units and pieces with interchangeable barrels. This wide variety extends the range of technical offerings significantly.

To Peter Hofer however, this is not enough. He is constantly involved in continued research and development. The variety of his innovations is remarkable. For example, the Peter Hofer safety device on his take down rifles is not only beautiful, it is also an ingenious practical technical development which allows one to stalk prey with a loaded weapon in absolute safety. The disconnection of the firing pin in the uncocked safety position after a shot always places the weapon in the former safety position.

The same type of construction was used for the new over and under double barrel rifle. With both new models Peter Hofer will yet again astound the industry experts.

Not an ounce too many

The more one is occupied with the smallest dimensions, the smaller the meaning of normal dimensions and the smallest things become the greatest.

One of Peter Hofer's specialties is to create the lightest, most delicate guns.
Peter Hofer has set many unbeatable records with the reduction in the weight of all parts wherever the caliber and safety permits. Thus Peter Hofer has developed by far the world's lightest breach loaded rifle weighing a mere 1.9 kilograms, and in a self-cocking system made out of pure steel at that.

Peter Hofer developed the smallest double barrel rifle in caliber 22 Hornet/22 Hornet, the smallest double barrel drilling in caliber 22Hornet/22Hornet/.410Mag.
He also developed a real treat for shotgun hunters, the Peter Hofer Special Shotgun in caliber 12/12 or 20/20 with a rifle barrel in caliber 17 Hornady hidden in the rib between the two shotgun barrels.
Then there is the special rifle drilling in any caliber, and his four barreled rifle in any caliber.
Almost even more impressing is the double barrelled drilling weighing only 2.9 kilograms with sidelocks, special trigger mechanism, special safety system, as well as a special trigger selection system developed especially for this weapon!

Another new development is the weapon without visible screws in the side plate This was also a Peter Hofer first. He came upon this idea while working on making his guns smaller and lighter.

The normally visible screw heads bothered him because they reduced the area that could be engraved or the engraving had to be worked around the screws. This was even more true for his delicate guns with sidelocks. As a result he came up with a new way in which to suspend the trigger mechanism, but without letting the screw heads come through the side plate. The interior mechanism and function are nearly the same but there are no visible screw heads on the side plate. Although this innovation is more expensive to produce, it is worth the trouble for the sake of the engraving.

This ingenious development is now turned over to the artistry of the engraver. The finest Puntini and Bulino engravings with up to 8000 dots per square millimeter are now imprinted on the entire surface to be engraved. By eliminating the screw heads on the side plate, the engraving can now proceed undisturbed, whereas before it would have had to circumvent the screw heads or make them artistically part of the design. The engraving is carried out under a forty power stereo microscope.

Newly designed artistic engravings of the most exclusive art make it evident that Peter Hofer perfects exclusively unique pieces and that no money in the world would persuade him to copy such a masterpiece twice.

It is a matter of course for Peter Hofer that the best stockmaker to be found worldwide now makes the stocks in house using Peter Hofer's supply of 900 year old exquisite walnut burr. These pieces have been selected from the very best available anywhere in the world. The exquisite works of art produced here can hardly be described in words.

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