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Readily Available



"For some hunters, a Peter Hofer hunting weapon is worth more than a bank account in Switzerland."



Readily available

Africa Set "Out of Africa"

  1. Big game double-barrel rifle
(470/470 NE)
  2. Special sidelock double barrel rifle
(22/22 Hornet)

  3. Bolt action rifle
(416 Rigby)
Shotgun Set of 5

  Shotgun SxS cal. 12/12
Shotgun SxS cal. 20/20
Shotgun SxS cal. 28/28
Shotgun SxS cal. .410/.410
Shotgun OxU cal. .410/.410
  Worldwide unique Shotgun Set of 5
  High Power Rifle cal. 6,5x65R
  Double barrel rifle

cal. 416/416 Rigby
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