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  Special drilling with different rifle calibres and one shotgun caliber  

Peter Hofer Special three barrel rifle with sidelocks
for different calibres

8x75RS, 6.5x65R, .410 Magnum

Although every single rifle leaving our workshop is unique in technical terms, and we always work at the limit of technical feasibility, this rifle is truly miraculous.

We set ourselves the goal to develop the smallest, lightest and most delicate sidelock drilling in the world.

Every expert knows how many single parts are comprised in a sidelock rifle. We managed to add to them by creating a special new sidelock changeover. By rights, this should have increased the width, height and overall weight of the rifle.

However, a carefully conceived design and great attention to weight enabled us to present this rifle to you today. Weighing in at an unbelievable 2.9 kilograms (approx. 6lbs), this special side-by-side rifle with shotgun barrel below speaks volumes for Peter Hofer's consummate skill.

The engravings:
Our customer's passion for art demanded an equally impressive and beautiful engraving to match the heady heights of the technical design and so we created highly detailed and extravagant hunting scenes for this rifle.
On the right side-lock, you can see an autumnal landscape at the water's edge with a stag, roe buck and doe, mallard and drake, and brown bear. On the left side-lock, there is a winter scene with a golden eagle, chamoix, wild boar, fox, black cock and white grouse, both with 5,000 dots per square millimetre scored under a stereo microscope magnified 40 times by our gifted Bulino engraver in an inconceivable number of hours.
Instead of ornamental engraving , winter merges into autumn at all points.

And thus an absolute masterpiece has been created over many thousands of man-hours to produce a constantly appreciating investment for future generations.

Designed and handcrafted by Peter Hofer - Austria
Technical conception and engravings legally protected.


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