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  Special shotgun drilling with third rifle barrel hidden under the rib  

Peter Hofer special shotgun 20/20-76 and hidden third barrel in 17HMR

It is always a pleasure for me and my team to show cultivated persons the beautiful and aesthetic side of hunting.

It is our great pride to ennoble the rich tradition of hunting with our traditional art of gunsmith-craftsmanship. As you have seen, we do not just produce weapons; we "create" the weapon for each customer which perfectly suits him

Functionality and style, technical perfection and finest craftsmanship, the hunting weapons from our workshop are always unique and are always adapted to the personal shooting habits of the customer. Therefore a hunting weapon by Peter Hofer Jagdwaffen is always also the personal and elegant calling card of the hunter carrying it.

The numerous innovations we have developed in the past have ignited our ambition to remain creative and keep up our reputation as the most innovative craftsmen gunsmiths.

So, again we have been able to turn the spotlight on a worldwide new creation, our new shotgun generation. Shotguns that do more than any other shotguns have ever done before.

Peter Hofer Special Shotgun Caliber 12 or 20 or 28 with hidden third rifle barrel in caliber .17HMR

While hunting wildfowl with this special shotgun you would also be able to shoot a precisely aimed bullet at a distance of 150m from the rifle barrel hidden under the rib between the two shotgun barrels.

Through a very well-known customer and collector from Los Angeles and his immense inside knowledge, I was made aware of the caliber 17HMR and was supplied with the exact ballistics information at a time when the caliber wasn't even on the market yet! And so we were able to develop the first weapon, as a double barrel rifle yet, for this customer even before the caliber was introduced to the market worldwide and to present him with his "Hummingbird rifle" in caliber .17HMR at the same time as this caliber was launched on the world market.

Our head start and the extensive knowledge we collected on how to construct a barrel in caliber 17 HMR to such small dimensions for multiple-barrel rifles made it possible for us to develop this exceptional newly developed shotgun drilling. Making a barrel with an outside diameter of just one quarter nch is impossible with conventional methods and equipment. A barrel with one quarter inch diameter and a length of 30 inches evades the lathe on the workbench and special manufacturing equipment and techniques are necessary and also had to be especially developed.

We are very proud of our range of shotguns and our top priorities lie in the balance, form, handling and low weight of our hunting weapons, while the absolute highest production quality and shooting precision are a matter of course. These goals can only be achieved with utmost precision and highest quality materials used during production.

To build such a shotgun, with a hidden third barrel that doesn't affect the weight or the perfect handling of the shotgun, I had to push forward into unknown realms of the art of gunsmithing.

In spite of the third barrel our new and recently patented shotgun, known as the Peter Hofer Special Shotgun Drilling, fulfils the highest standards regarding weight, balance, form and handling even the most discerning hunter or collector could ask of a shotgun.

However this shotgun offers you an invaluable advantage over your hunting colleagues:
In addition to the shotgun barrels, you will also be able to shoot targeted rifle shots in calibre 17HMR at larger distances at foxes, prairie dogs, wildcats, hares, polecat etc. up to a fawn and while hunting wildfowl you will be able to bag fowl that is inaccessible to your hunting fellows with their shotguns.

Going into the technical features:
This Peter Hofer special shotgun drilling is available
- With sidelocks.
- Single trigger for the two shotgun barrels
- Fine double-pull trigger or set trigger for the rifle barrel.
- Ejector for the two shotgun barrels.
- Extractor for the rifle barrel.
- Optional self-opener also available.

In any case, we hope that this message from the tranquillity of our craftsman workshop has reminded you of the beautiful side of hunting.


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