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  Peter Hofer Safety Single Shot Rifle  

Peter Hofer single shot rifle
caliber 7mm RemMag
with double underlug and Kersten lock

A work of art has been created over several years
Sunset in the Himalayas

A hunter who hunts internationally and has seen quite a lot of the world came to visit us one day.

He was well-informed about all the best gunmakers around the world but he was looking for the unusual. He told us stories about his adventures and experiences while we listened attentively.

His stories were very impressive and we united the pictures that his stories evoked in our minds with thousands of single parts out of steel and gold.

This weapon became a work of art with high emotional value. It will remind generations to come of the stories of once upon a time.

Engraving technique: relief engraving chiselled in double depth in the steel.

The shape of the spaces in between the relief was cut out of a 1mm thick piece of 24 carat gold and then fitted and inlaid into the engraving, and so the background was filled in with massive gold.

Designed and handcrafted by Peter Hofer - Austria
Technical conception and engravings legally protected.


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