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  Peter Hofer special round body shotgun  

Caliber 22 Hornet

With two exchangeable shotgun barrels
Caliber .410 Mag

The smallest round body double barrel rifle ever built in this technique in the world.

The side lock frame was worked as a round body from blanks to such a small size, we feel we have outdone ourselves.

Of course all parts had to be scaled down. The plan was to create a miniature round body action, so everything had to be carefully designed on the drawing board first, the design and the size of the sidelocks were derived from these drawings. Tiny, specially manufactured side locks were created according to the results of our sketches.

The finest double barrel rifle with exchangeable shotgun barrels ever built world-wide was created with system Peter Hofer, sidelocks with catchbar, and double under locks lung, side lever and a very elegant round body.

On the top of the round body, we installed an adaptable folding peep sight.
Extended trigger guard reaching to the metal pistol grip cap. Two double pull triggers with sliding safety on the break down frame. Fine ejector front piece, special construction as Purdey fore end with button. Barrel material Bφhler Superblitz (steel with greatest strength).
We also custom-made a metal buttplate which reaches far into the stock. There is also a special round stock magazine on the opposite side of the stock.

Custom made stock: Worked out of very fine Caucasian walnut, this stock displays and very small and elegant form. This small stock contains all the very complicated technical parts in the smallest space imaginable.

We engraved very fine hunting scenes with inlays in massive gold. The background of the animal scenes is inlaid completely in 24 carat pure gold. The design concept gives this unique set within a handcrafted oak and leather case an unmistakable personal note.

Designed and handcrafted by Peter Hofer - Austria
Technical conception and engravings legally protected.


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