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  Double barrel rifles, medium calibers  

Peter Hofer Side by Side Rifle with Sidelocks
With 3 interchangeable barrels

Barrel #1: Cal. 9,3x74R / 9,3x74R
Barrel #2: Cal. 8x75RS / 222REM
Barrel #3: Cal 6,5x57R/ 22 Hornet

Finely worked rifle with sidelocks, double underlug and Purdey lock with ejector and 3 forend push pieces.

We went to the limit of what's technically feasible with this gun and reduced the size of all the working parts to an absolute minimum. This was only possible with a special action, developed solely for this gun and worked out of the full material.

Much smaller sidelocks than usual were created for this rifle. These sidelocks were developed without the usually visible screws and were worked out of the full material.
The development of the sidelocks with the hidden screws allowed us to create the perfect base for the extensive very fine Bouttini engraving in spite of the considerable reduction of the surface area.

We mounted five scopes on the three side by side barrels.

Engraving: This unique rifle was engraved with an extensive Bouttini engraving (7400 dots/square millimeter) under a 40x stereomicroscope. The engraving was designed exclusively for this rifle, it shows a wild boar with a badger on one side. The other side is a deer scene with a fox. On both sides an animal portrait reflecting the main theme of the engraving can just be distinguished floating in the clouds above. On the right side, a deer portrait; and on the left side, a boar portrait, here the Bouttini engraving reaches its peak. The engraving on the pistol grip cap features the portrait of a fox.
Instead of an ornamental engraving, we created a landscape with ibex, a marten, polecats, bears, jays, owls, sparrow hawks, and other deer scenes.
The preliminary designing of the engraving took up 350 hours until they were just right.

One rifle with three exchangeable barrels! On any hunt, you will always be carrying your familiar rifle with you.

To esthetically round off and protect this rifle and its accessories, we created a very special, unique luxury oak and leather case. Special hinges and locks that were able to take the weight were made out of the full material. The leather was especially tanned for us. The case has a double bottom and takes the action and the 3 barrels, 5 scopes, specially made screw drivers, cleaning rod and brushes, oil bottles, striker block etc., and is done in the same wood as the rifle stock.
It took two years from the first sketches until completion of the case.

Designed and handcrafted by Peter Hofer - Austria
Technical conception and engravings legally protected.


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