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  O&U double barrel rifle  

Peter Hofer Special O&U double barrel rifle
Caliber 375 H&H / 375 H&H

With interchangeable barrel:
O&U shotgun with lower rifled barrel combination in caliber 8x75RS 20/76
and with interchangeable barrel:
O&U shotgun in caliber: 20/76 20/76

The double barrel rifle was always and always will be the epitome of a hunting weapon.
If, as in the example shown here, the possibilities of application are extended by additional interchangeable barrels, the proud owner will have a universal weapon created by Peter Hofer Jagdwaffen he wouldn't want to be parted with.

Double underlug lock and Kersten lock.

Peter Hofer special sidelocks with hidden screws, to ensure the largest possible area for the Bulino engraving.

The engraving pictured here shows a typical African landscape with buffaloes and elephants. The Bulino engraving is very finely executed with several thousand lines per square millimetre. The lion portrait floating in the clouds - like a dream, was even more finely engraved using a stereomicroscope, and showcases our engraver's incomparable talent.

The other side of the rifle contrasts with the hunt in Africa, and symbolizes that you can hunt practically any game with this unique Peter Hofer rifle and shotgun combination on any continent.

Technical and artistic composition by Peter Hofer - Austria


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