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Safari Press Limited Editions Catalog

Safari Press
Safari Press was started in 1985, and since that time it has produced nearly ...

Jim Corbett Collection, The

Corbett, Jim
A re-release of a Safari Press classic! In the late 1980s, Safari Press ...

In the High Himalayas

Whistler, H.
Hugh Whistler produced this interesting book on his travels in the Himalayas. ...

Gentleman Hunter

Byrne, Peter
This is the story of the extraordinary hunting career of the legendary ...

Jungle Hunter, The

Cavanaugh, Joe
Joe Cavanaugh is an unusual man. He has wandered around and lived in Central ...

To Heck With It, I'm Going Hunting

Alward, Arnold (with Bill Quimby)
After the deaths of his father, mother, sister, and daughter in a short ...

Song of the Summits

Yuren, Jesus
Jesús Yurén's book is a hymn to the great love of his life: mountain hunting. ...

Royal Quest

Quimby, Bill
His Imperial Highness Prince Abdorreza of Iran was an internationally known ...

Hunting Trips in the Land of the Dragon

Czech, Kenneth P. (editor)
Stretching nearly 4,000,000 square miles across eastern Asia, China offers ...

From the Himalayas to the Rockies

Mitchell Dr. R. & Frisina Dr. M.
From the small urial sheep of the Middle East to the mighty 60-plus-inch ...
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