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Rowland Ward’s Records of Big Game 28th Edn. Vol. 2 (L)

New! Available Now Rowland Ward’s Records of Big Game is known worldwide ...

Another Rifle, Another Land (Ltd, L)

Dr. J. Y. Jones
J. Y. Jones’s first book, One Man, One Rifle, One Land, was a book of note, ...

The Comprehensive Guide to Tracking (L)

Cleve Cheney
Tracking is an art form as well as a skill—just ask any hunter who has ...

Guns and Hunting

Finn Aagaard
Finn Aagaard, a professional hunter in Kenya following World War II, moved ...

Sixty Years a Hunter

Bill Quimby
To the hunting world Bill Quimby is best known as the longtime editor of ...

Around the World & Then Some (Ltd, L)

David Hanlin (with Bill Quimby)
To do something right in life, you need a good foundation. For David Hanlin ...

Great Hunters- Vol. 7 (L)

Safari Press
The modern era of the trophy room, as depicted in this 7th volume in the ...

Great Hunters- Vol. 6 (L)

Safari Press
New! In the course of creating Great Hunters 5, we unearthed so many great ...

Great Hunters- Vol. 5 (L)

Safari Press
At last, the long-awaited fifth volume is finally available! As we have ...

A Hunting Heritage (L)

Phillips, A. (editor)
The Shikar-Safari Club is the oldest international hunting club in existence ...
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