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Vintage Arms

We also offer you a large selection of exclusive objects. Please choose a product or category.

Rizzini- New "Omnium" 20 Ga. O/U Game Gun

Rizzini "Omnium" 20ga. O/U game gun. Weight 6 lbs. Stock dimensions: 14"x ...

Garrett Company- 2 Barrel Set Deluxe 12 Ga. Boxlock

Frank Garrett Co., Birmingham, Deluxe 12ga. boxlock gun with two original ...

Smith, London- .62 Cal. Damascus Muzzle Loader, ca. 1817-20

Samuel & Charles Smith, London, extremely fine .62 caliber muzzle loading ...

Westley Richards- 8-Bore Muzzle Loader Big Game Double, ca. 1850

Westley Richards, London, extremely rare 8-bore percussion, muzzle loading, ...

Dumoulin, Belgium- Mauser in .505 Gibbs, 1989

Dumoulin, Belgium, exhibition grade magnum Mauser in .505 Gibbs, completed ...

Rigby, London- Sidelock Double Rifle in .470 N.E., ca. 1911

Rigby, London, best sidelock double rifle in .470 N.E., ca. 1911. Weight: ...

Holland & Holland- Rare "Royal Hammerless Ejector" Double in .577 N.E., 1921

Holland & Holland, London, rare "Royal Hammerless Ejector" double rifle ...

Merkel- Custom Engraved Model 160-SL in .375 H&H Magnum

Merkel "Custom Engraved", Model 160-SL, best sidelock double rifle in .375 ...

Bland, London- 8-Bore Double Rifle, ca. 1900

Thomas Bland, exceptionally fine 8-bore double rifle, ca.1900. Weight 16 ...

Griffin & Howe, New York- Tom Shelhammer Stocked Rifle in .308 Cal.

Griffin & Howe, New York, superb custom Mauser action sporting rifle in ...
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