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Vintage Arms - Pistols -

Purdey, London- Rare Pair of Dueling Pistols, 1823

Price: EUR 18500,-
Sold out
James Purdey, London, the earliest of only 7 known pairs of heavy barreled smooth bore Purdey dueling pistols. Both pistols numbered 492, made in 1823. These were originally flint pistols but were converted to percussion by Purdeys probably in the 1820s. A good description of the conversion can be found in Pat Unsworth's book, The Early Purdeys, page 57 and these guns are pictured in plates 17 and 18 of the same book. These extraordinary pistols are well documented in Pat's book and I don't want to belabor the description except to say the guns are in much finer condition than one would be led to believe from the book primarily due to the small size of the black and white photographs. The 9" barrels have most of their original finish and bores are mint. The original flintlock breeches, which have been modified as Pat described, have dual platinum bands, sunken platinum poincons, and retain much original color hardening. Locks retain traces of original color hardening and are mechanically perfect with no rust or pitting whatever. Iron mounts are nicely engraved and retain virtually all the original brilliant black finish. Single-set triggers retain most of the original blue. Stocks are crisp and retain virtually all their original varnish. Ramrods are original. Cased in proper period case (not original to these guns) with complete period accessories and beautiful facsimile early trade label. Beautiful pair of dueling pistols and great rarities.
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