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Great Hunters- Vol. 2

Safari Press
Their Trophy Rooms and Collections
Price: EUR 84,-
1998 Long Beach, 244pp, color photos throughout, extra large format.
ISBN: 1-57157-111-6
Binding: Hardcover with dust jacket
This is the second volume in what is universally hailed as the best photographic collection on the world's top hunters and their trophy rooms. See Renato Luca's incredible castle in northern Italy with most of the game animals of the world life-size, as well as thousands of mounted birds; see the famous Kenneth Whitehead deer museum that is the only place in the world housing every single deer species under one roof, including a whole skeleton of a giant elk with antlers having an eleven-foot spread! Also included are photos of life-size argali sheep, the world-famous red stag collection of Hugo Vitullo, Bruno Scherrer's life-size giraffe, and several trophy rooms from the palaces of India's most famous hunting maharajas. Some of the most exquisitely detailed and designed rooms have been photographed, as well as many interesting artifacts that rival some trophy collections! The informative text, written for the most part by the hunters themselves, has been combined with these amazing photos to make this an outstanding photographic essay on the world's top hunters. Volume 2 features the trophy rooms of such top hunters as O'Connor, Klein, Pocius, Thummler, Gates, and Yuren, to name a few. A must-have companion to Great Hunters Vol. 1!
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