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Best of Holland & Holland, England's Premier Gunmaker, The

McIntosh, Michael & Roosenburg, Jan
Price: EUR 98,-
2003 Long Beach, 298pp, profuse color illus.
ISBN: 1-57157-270-8
Binding: Hardcover with dust jacket
Holland & Holland has had a long history of not only building London's "best" guns but also providing superior guns—the ultimate in finish, engraving, and embellishment. From the days of old in which a maharajah would order 200 fancifully engraved H&H shotguns for his guests to use at his duck shoot, to recent times with elaborately decorated sets depicting such diverse subjects as the Apollo 11 moon landing or the history of the British Empire, all the guns produced by H&H represent the zenith in the art and craft of gunmaking and engraving. In this book, master gunwriter and acknowledged English gun expert Michael McIntosh and former H&H director Jan Roosenburg describe and identify the finest products ever produced by H&H and, many would argue, by any gun company on earth. Some of the most expensive and opulent guns ever produced on earth parade through these pages—from a dainty and elegant .410 shotgun with gold relief engraving of scenes from Greek and Roman antiquity to a massive .700 Nitro Express double rifle. An overview of the Products of Excellence series is given as well as a description and history of these special H&H guns. Many photos shown are firearms from private collections, which cannot be seen publicly anywhere except in this book. In addition, the authors provide many interesting details and a thorough history of H&H.
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