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Price: EUR 41,33
DVD, 2 hours, 17 minutes
This is the second DVD we have decided to sell for Charlton McCallum Safaris, the first being their excellent elephant hunting DVD. This movie focuses on the Zambezi River and the hunting specifically found along its banks in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. At the end of this huge river we find Lake Cabora Bassa (Mozambique), and the movie begins with the shooting of some monster crocs. That some of these are man-eaters is brought to us in a shocking and raw manner that will convince all but the most crazy of antihunters and bunny huggers that hunting is good conservation. (Warning: This short clip is not for children.) Last year about 30 villagers were reported killed by crocs in this area. PH Buzz Charleton gives us his opinions as to how, why, and where you can find huge crocs, and how these cunning monsters of the deep should be hunted. A few hippos are shot as well.

The next part is a hunt for PAC (Problem Animal Control) elephants in Zimbabwe. The footage is good, and despite the very thick bush, there are good clear scenes of the hunting. The action is up close and in thick vegetation, and the scenes when hungry villagers slaughter a carcass is one of complete mayhem. It’s sheer bedlam as the people slash one another with butchering knives in their attempt to get at the meat. In general, elephant hunting allows for better footage because the action is nearly always below fifty yards and often it’s much less. Even so, the cameraman is to be congratulated for doing a good job in the super-thick brush of Zimbabwe. A total of six PAC elephant are shot in this manner.

Finally there is a section of “Extreme Hunting,” which the producer defines as shooting dangerous game with bow, muzzleloader, or handgun. The shots are bloody close, and a few charges of elephants coming at hunters are on-the-edge-of-your-seat footage. If you have to get close with a centerfire rifle, you need to get VERY close with a bow. It includes a leopard shot with a bow and with the aid of tracking dogs. The same holds true when shooting elephant and buffalo with a handgun. (Ouch, those handguns seem to recoil!)

The final hunts are for elephant, again using a centerfire rifle. This time, however, the footage is of elephants that are through mucking about and wringing their tails; they resolutely charge the hunters. There is one charge per hunt, and the footage is pretty amazing. It’s apparent that once an elephants decides to charge, he is a determined animal. A good, action-packed, dangerous-game DVD.

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