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CIC Caprinae Atlas of the World

Gerhard Damm and Nicholas Franco
Price: EUR 485,-
2014 Budapest, 1st edn, 2 volumes, 520pp & 584pp, profuse color photos, maps
Binding: hard covers, dust jackets, 8x11
This detailed and meticulously researched CIC Caprinae Atlas of the World presents an overview on the distribution ranges of wild Caprinae phenotypes in the northern hemisphere, their physical appearance, life history, conservation status, and sustainable use. The authors aim is to stimulate the resourceful involvement of a wide variety of stakeholders: policy makers who create the administrative and legislative frameworks for Caprinae conservation; researchers and taxonomists who are at work to fill knowledge gaps; public, communal, and private landowners on whose lands wild Caprinae dwell; management authorities who need to find holistic conservation solutions; hunters who are getting intense emotional rewards from pursuing wild sheep and goats and their relatives; and, last but not least, the women and men who follow the tracks of wild sheep and goats to admire and photograph them in their natural surroundings. Cooperatively, they can all increase their individual contribution to the conservation of these magnificent creatures and the wild landscapes in which they dwell.

This gigantic two-volume set covers the following sheep: argali; mouflon and urial; North American thin-horn and big-horn sheep; Asiatic thin-horn sheep; aoudad; bharal or blue sheep; tahr; takin; muskox; chiru; goral; serow; Rocky Mountain goat; chamois; ibexforms; Spanish ibex; tur; Asiatic and Mediterranean wild goats and markhor.

This massive work is packed with excellent in-the-field color photos; these pictures are not taken from animals in zoos. The work is meticulously researched and a joy to behold, and it is easily the best most comprehensive set of volumes on the subject ever. In addition there are numerous chapters on behavior, conservation, biology, trophy hunting as conservation, and much more. There is also a bibliography. Every serious sheep, ibex, and wild goat enthusiast, whether a hunter or not, should own a set. The CIC CAPRINAE ATLAS OF THE WORLD is a tribute to the magnificent mountain ungulates.
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